Who We Are...


A collection of talented, driven, and successful Black comic book creators and lifelong fans of super heroics in EVERY medium who know what we like and want to see more of it on the air.

What We're Doing...

Creating high-quality animated content aimed at all ages but geared towards viewers in the 3 to 10 year old age range.

Why We're Doing It...

Inspiring, educating, and encouraging people of all walks of life with tales of moral, steadfast heroics told in the form of fast-paced, family-friendly animated adventures.

We aim to satisfy the generations-old desire to see people of African descent as heroes, as positive figures in the world, and able affect the change they want to see in their community and across the planet.

Ultimately, we want to create a counterpoint and counter-narrative to the corporate-led, profit-driven stories that are shared on television, in comics, on film, and across the assorted media that our kids (and our “Kids-at-Heart”) are exposed to every day.

How We're Getting It Done...

Crowdfunding! Very soon, Astounding Adventures will begin its crowd sourcing campaign, geared towards producing an 1-minute pilot as our proof of concept.

A 30-second animatic/pencil test in the works. We’ll use this sample for marketing, advertising, public relations, and building up the brand overall. The animatic is being handled by Canadian-based KAGE Studios and character models are being designed by Nick Freeman.

Each writer will script and be the showrunner for his own title and characters, ensuring that each hero is presented as intended with the unique voice and tone envisioned at their creation.

The first 3 episodes have been scripted and they are the official pilot of the series, starring Pitt’s Purge and Kelley’s The Brother (stars of the upcoming “Blackout: The Eradication Protocols”) as the two leads to launch the series.

We’re excited to announce that we have gained a commitment from world renowned KAGE Productions of Canada and Korean animation studio JM Animation!

KAGE Productions known for its phenomenal release, Shadow Magic leads the Astounding Adventures animation production.  JM Animation is known for working on a number of Japanese animated series, like “Fairy Tail,” “Macross Frontier,” and “Persona 4,” but it’s best known for its work on Nickelodeon’s critically-acclaimed “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and its sequel series “The Legend of Korra.”

The lion’s share of our crowdfunding campaign is geared towards funding their involvement as the principle production studio for this project. We have enlisted their skills and expertise in pre- and main production for “Astounding Adventures.”

Strategy and Delivery

The overall goal for Astounding Adventures is to create a product that has wide appeal AND wide distribution. To that end, we are exploring various outlets for marketing and dispensing our content.

We are in discussions to develop an online application that will directly stream episodes to viewers on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

We are also planning on producing weekly, online web comic series for each character that will serve as a prologue of the following 11-minute episode.

With enough support and demand, we hope to build sufficient momentum to create our own channels for distribution and expanding the brand to include more properties, including those of other creators. In the interim, we have plans on shopping the content around to networks like Netflix or Hulu for distribution.