It's Time to Be Astounding!


Four “Mild-Mannered” Creators Bravely and Boldly Resurrect the Saturday Morning Cartoon

Winston Salem, N.C. -- Veteran comic book creator and publisher Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. is embarking on something astounding. Pitt, together with fellow creators Adeatoyshe "Ade" Heru, Jay Kelley, and Vince White is set to unveil a brand-new project: Astounding Adventures, an animated series based on an amalgam of storylines featuring their respective comic book characters and universes. A first of its kind developed by comic book creators, the series showcases heroes from their individual creator’s points of view and the worlds they inhabit, intertwined with African mysticism and advanced technology. The series’ initial lineup will introduce The Brother (created by Jay Kelley), Purge (created by Roosevelt Pitt, Jr.), Will Power (created by Vince White), and Shadowboxer (created by Adeatoyshe Heru) with plans to expand, introducing new characters each season.

Astounding Adventures will launch with a three-part pilot episode that will spin off into four consecutive, alternating stand-alone episodes, each featuring one of the four leading characters. Each episode will be eleven minutes in length with a total of twenty-three episodes planned for the first season.

“Our collaboration with Canada-based Kage Productions, creator of the animated series “Shadow Magic,” and JM Animation, Korean developer of “Legend of Korra,” will bring a level of visual innovation and uniqueness to Astounding Adventures not often seen in Western independent animation,” says Roosevelt Pitt, Jr., CEO of AMARA Entertainment.

“Astounding Adventures raises the bar as one of the few animated series with Black male leads who aren’t saddled with stereotypical origins, powers, and personalities,” says Adeatoyshe Heru, CEO of Giant, Killer Press, Inc. “There’s never been a show like this before!”

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