Roosevelt Pitt, Jr.

Series Creator

Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. a thirty year comic book writer and creator. is best known for his creator owned comic book PURGE, that sold over a million copies during the rise of black comic books in the 90's.  A fan of comics and anime, Roosevelt created Astounding Adventures as avenue to recapture the thrill and excitement of Saturday mornings.


Jay Kelley

Creator of The Brother

Jay Kelley knows how to tell a story. Period. The bigger and bolder, the better. A pioneer in the independent comics scene, including being a critical component of the fan-favorite, gave him a unique view into the market and fan expections. Jay, never one to disappoint, met and exceeded those with The Brother, his dimension-hopping, suit-clad homage to the most influential and powerful men in his own life. 


Adeatoyshe "Ade" Heru

Ade Heru is a lifelong lover of all creative media and the sheer amount of content he creates as founder, owner, and Chief Creative Officer for Giant, Killer Press reflects this. Even more telling, however, is his innovative, thought provoking, and resonant writing style that brings heroes, villains, and entire worlds to life in ways that make them more real than most care to admit. One such world is that of his hard-hitting, "Haymakering Hero," the Shadowboxer!

Creator of Shadowboxer