Astounding Adventures” the animated series was created to inspire, educate, and encourage people of ALL walks of life with tales of moral, steadfast heroics in a world that continues to glorify moral failings and adds more ice to the slippery slopes our children face daily. It will satisfy the generations-old desire to see people of African descent as heroes, as positive figures in the world and able to affect the change they want to see in their community and across the planet.


Each eleven-minute episode at its conclusion will be followed by a “Heroes You Should Know” segment. The segment will feature a true to life hero with the lead character of each episode introducing him or her. The list of those scheduled to appear during Season Zero and Season One are Frances Cress Welsing, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Steve Cokely, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Ann Lowe, and inventor Alice H Parker.